Owner / Business Supporter

Nicola created Optimul to support small businesses in realising and reaching their potential by rolling up her sleeves and getting 'stuck in'.  She is ridiculously organised and has a well rounded energy background in operations, management, maintenance and board of management support as well as experience in agriculture, hospitality, construction and retail. 


She loves ballroom and latin dancing, hosting parties and spending time with her family.


Business Supporter

Victoria joined Optimul in Summer 2018.  After graduating RGU she excelled in personnel logistics within the oil & gas sector, with skills later developed in the healthcare industry.  With a love for marketing & organising, planning & managing events, she brings another level of organised geek to Optimul! 


As a mum of two young children, Brodie & Isla, most of her time is spent looking after family but any spare time she has you will find her horse riding!


Business Supporter

Jenni joined the Optimul team in March 2020.  She is a Business Development professional with a proven track record in directing and enhancing commercial operations.  Her strengths include stimulating genuine business leads through effective customer profiling and the ability to drive business growth.  Strong relationship management and the nurturing of long lasting customer relationships are core to my strong work ethic.

She loves communicating with people and always tries to stay a step ahead.  In her free time she gets her hiking boots on to explore the great outdoors!


Business Supporter

Colyn joined Optimul in Summer 2019 as a business supporter.  His background in Subsea Electronics, Recruitment, Employability and Business Development means his varied skill set gives him an unique perspective on business and his research capabilities provide some much needed data for our clients. 

Colyn describes himself as a father, musician and music enthusiast, avid podcast and video watcher, dog lover and gamer.


Ashburton, Crudie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB53 5QH

+44 (0)7929 178351

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Workload Warrior

Ru joined the Optimul team in October 2019.  She is super organised, factual and 100% Workload Warrior. She has a vast knowledge of planning, prioritising and general good working practices although she has been known to get up to a bit of mischief from time to time!  (We do love a bit of fun in the Optimul office).

In her spare time,  she likes to sort through piles of paperwork while listening to a bit of the Beastie Boys or The Rat Pack.


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Ashburton, Crudie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB53 5QH


+44 (0)7929 178351